“Do you need a non-stop music mix to get you through your day/week/workout/commute? Do you appreciate fresh new House Music from Around the World? Do you enjoy a variety of styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy!” – DJ MIDIMACK

THE MIX BAG PODCAST Ep 243 Playlist:

  1. Maybe by DJ Vartan (Russia)/Techcrasher (Russia)
  2. Outro Lugar by Bob Sinclar (France)/Salome De Bahia (Brazil)
  3. My Feelings by Mattei & Omich (Italy)/Fatimah Provillon (USA/Italy)
  4. God Made Me Feel It by MD X-Press (USA)/Simion (Germany)
  5. Sunday Morning by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Paul Parsons (London)
  6. Be Here by Duke Dumont (London)
  7. I Need You Tonight by Ron Carroll (USA)/Crazibiza (USA/Hungary)/Lollypop (?)
  8. Save My Life by Benny Mussa (UK)
  9. See Me Comin’ by Nick AG (Greece/Canada)
  10. It Feels Good by Enrico BSJ Ferrari (Italy)
  11. Sinnerman by Siwell (Italy)
  12. Piano Roller by Chris Bowers (UK)
  13. Human Wave by Afromento (France)
  14. Higher by Ministry of Funk (Uruguay)
  15. To The Music by Aternity (USA)
  16. Spiritual Thing by Majkol Jay (Italy)
  17. You Don’t Need To Tell Me by Hendt (Spain)
  18. Your Eyes by Johan Dresser (Columbia)/Reveh & Drezza (Columbia)
  19. Talk U Talk by The Deepshakerz (Italy)/IDA fLO (USA)/FEX (Italy)
  20. Get Hype Get Raw by Dope Demeanors (UK)
  21. The Disco by CASSIMM (London)/Simon Emme (Italy)
  22. The Walk To Church by Roland Clark (USA)/Jack Back (France)/Wh0 (UK)
  23. Hot Stepper by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Lissat (Germany)
  24. Delirio by KEFFI (Scotland)/Loz Seka (UK)/HARRT (UK) feat. Altere/Alex Lauthals
  25. La Luna by Jude & Frank (Italy) feat. Toto La Momposina
  26. Ayala by Slicerboys (Italy)
  27. Poolboy by Samet Gunal (Turkey)
  28. At Least Give Me My Sax Back by Tom Brownlow (UK)
  29. House Affair by CASSIMM (London)/Bruno Blanc (?)
  30. That’s the Way by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  31. You Are In My System by Kerri Chandler (USA)/Troy Denari (The Netherlands)/Dennis Quin (The Netherlands)
  32. Hey J by Simon Adams (Italy)/Luca Cristante (Italy)
  33. Pitch by Janeret (France)
  34. The Founder by Supernova (Italy)
  35. Jack To The Sound by Addy Van Der Zwan (The Netherlands)
  36. This Is My House by Angel Heredia (Spain)
  37. FONk by Slugg (USA)

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