“Do you need a non-stop mix to get you through your day/week/workout/commute? Do you appreciate fresh new House Music from Around the World? Do you enjoy a variety of styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy!” – DJ MIDIMACK

THE MIX BAG PODCAST Ep 240 Playlist:

  1. 4 Me by Sugar Hill (Brazil)
  2. Ba Ba by Diskopogo (The Netherlands)
  3. Soul Glow by DJ Mes (USA)
  4. Boogie No More by Madrid De Los Austrias (?)/Dorfmeister (Switzerland)
  5. Deep Inside by Lizzie Curious (UK)
  6. Strings 4 Life by Jay Vegas (UK)
  7. Music In The Air by Nytron (Brazil)/Clubholic (Brazil/London)
  8. Woman Like You by Kryptogram (USA)
  9. So Hooked On Your Lovin by Selace (London)
  10. Funky Train by Paul Parsons (London)/Luca Debonaire (The Netherlands)
  11. OYE QUE VA by DJ Jose Rico (USA)
  12. Passion by Gat Decor (?)
  13. Sing It Back by Reunited (Denmark)
  14. 4AM In London by DJ S.K.T. feat. Iris Gold (London)
  15. Another Night by Joey Youngman (USA)
  16. We Funk by Da Funk Junkies (UK)
  17. Hold On by D’Vision (Poland)/Alex Inc (Poland)/Dzialach (Poland)
  18. Southside by Housego (Scotland)
  19. The Ghetto by Jason Herd (UK)
  20. Good, Bad & Ugly by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)
  21. Take My Hand by Martin Badder (UK)
  22. Life On The Street by Marc Cotterell (USA)
  23. I Was Lovin’ You by James Hype (UK)
  24. Do It Again by Vlada Asanin (Serbia/Spain)
  25. Cosmic Witch by Louie Vega (USA) feat. Anané
  26. Get Busy by Kevin McKay (London)
  27. The Melody by Wade (Spain)
  28. Church Lady by Dennis Ferrer (USA) feat. Danil Wright
  29. Yo También by Mimmo Errico (Italy)/Leandro Da Silva (Italy)
  30. Gotta Have You by Riva Starr (London)/Mark Broom (UK)/Star B (UK)
  31. Make That Move by Richard Grey (South Africa)
  32. Breakfast Club by James Burton (UK)
  33. Give It Up by Supernova (Italy)
  34. All My Love by Louie Vega (USA) feat. Robyn
  35. Work by Kevin McKay (London)/Pupa Nas T (USA)/Denise Belfon (USA)
  36. Sweat by ESSEL (UK)
  37. The Trick by Jason Rivas (Spain)/Funkenhooker (?)
  38. To My Beat by Jose De Mara (Spain)

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