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Oct 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

“It’s an all-night party…in a little over an hour.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Oct 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 (Ep 146) Playlist:

  1. Girl, I Forgive U by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)
  2. Manhattan by Antonio Contino/Milk Bar/Santarini (Italy)
  3. Do You Love Me by Mistura (UK) feat. Angela Johnson
  4. Listen Up R. Kelly by White Label Will (Scotland)
  5. Blast! by Hever Jara/Reveh & Drezza (Colombia)
  6. Back To Funk by Martin Ikin/Sammy Porter (London)
  7. Naxos by PAGANO (Italy/London)
  8. Jackin’ Salsa by Jackin’ Social Club (?)
  9. Not The House That Jack Built by ATFC (Spain) feat. Chuck Roberts
  10. Love Lives by Kevin Andrews (London)/Made 4 (?)
  11. Every Little Thing by Jess Bays (London)
  12. Rabbit Hole by CamelPhat (UK)/Solardo (UK)/Jem Cooke (London)
  13. Rhythm System by Tuff London (London)
  14. Three O Three by Gene Farris (USA)/Max Chapman (UK)
  15. The Truth by Friend Within (UK)
  16. U Took My Love by Babysitters (Serbia)
  17. Open Your Mind by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  18. Alive N Direct by Love Ammo (?)

Thank YOU for listening!

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