MIDI’s FUNKY FAVs Vol. 3 (Ep 217)

“Do you need a non-stop music mix to get you through your day/week/workout/commute? Do you appreciate House Music from Around the World? Do you enjoy a variety of styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Subscribe, hit play, and enjoy! – DJ MIDIMACK

MIDI’s FUNKY FAVs Vol. 3 (Ep 217) Playlist:

  1. Hands Together by Discotron/HP Vince (Ep 169)
  2. Hey Luva by Corduroy Mavericks (Ep 111)
  3. Heaven by The Vision/Andreya Triana (Ep 110)
  4. I Don’t Care by Simon Adams/Max Millan (Ep 110)
  5. Teardrops by DJ Doncho/Virginia Sabeva (Ep 109)
  6. In My Arms by Robosonic/Ferreck Dawn/Nikki Ambers (Ep 108)
  7. Stand Up by David Penn feat. Ramona Renea (Ep 111)
  8. Funk Sensation by FabioEsse (Ep 108)
  9. Happy Days by Sweetpower (Ep 111)
  10. Manhattan by Antonio Contino/Milk Bars/Santarini (Ep 146)
  11. HOUSE RPRZNT by Milty Evans/Brian Boncher/Alex Peace (Ep 109)
  12. ACTIV8 by Block & Crown (Ep 110)
  13. I Luv Muzik by Hunty Soundsystem (Ep 111)
  14. Don’t Go by Block & Crown/Martina Budde (Ep 109)
  15. Drop It House by Paul Jockey (Ep 108)
  16. Plastic Dreams by The Cube Guys (Ep 111)
  17. Jackin’ Salsa by Jackin’ Social Club (Ep 146)
  18. Madera by Pato’s Groove (Ep 110)



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