MAR 2022 Funky Mix 1

“Your weekly destination for Funky House Music from Around the World.” – DJ MIDIMACK

MAR 2022 Funky Mix 1 (Ep 212) Playlist:

  1. Roof Garden by Funk The Sound (UK)
  2. Shake It by Jonk & Spook (Italy)
  3. Sensational Love by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Maickel Telussa (The Netherlands)
  4. Join The Disco Party by Paul Parsons (London)/Adri Block (The Netherlands)
  5. Million Days by Softmal (Brazil)
  6. Funky House Music by GhostMasters (Spain)
  7. Together Onetime by Dole & Kom (Germany)/Butch (Germany)
  8. Best Of My Love by Felipe Avelar (USA)/Disco Ball’z (Hungary)
  9. The One by Funkerman (The Netherlands)
  10. Who by K-909 (Italy)/Qubiko (Italy)
  11. Feel It Now by In It Together (UK)
  12. In The Air by Crazibiza (USA/Hungary)
  13. You Want Me by Mister H (?)
  14. The World Today by Narda (London)/Yakka (Croatia)
  15. Work by Alessio Cappelli (Italy)
  16. That Thing by Angel Lee (UK)
  17. All Right by Sayro (Italy)
  18. Emergency Room by Nari (Italy)/Venessa Jackson (South Africa)/Alexander P (?)/Joe Mangione (Italy)
  19. Funk by Diego Forsinetti (?)
  20. Keep The Basslinne by Nari (Italy)

Thank you for listening!

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