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Mar 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

“Your weekly dose of Funky House Music from Around the World.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Mar 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 (Ep 169) Playlist:

  1. Feel My Needs by Weiss (UK)
  2. Still In Love by Shuya Okino (Japan) feat. Navasha Daya
  3. What Would We Do by Hagenaar & Albrecht (London)
  4. Hands Together by Discotron (UK)/HP Vince (The Netherlands)
  5. Get On Down by Mark Funk (Serbia)
  6. Feel Me by Supersavage (UK)
  7. Mind of Love by Jorda Luigia (France)
  8. I Want Your Soul by Danny Cruz (Serbia)
  9. City Nights by Da Funk Junkies (UK)/Rubber People (Australia)
  10. Get Busy by ATFC (Spain)
  11. Don’t You Want Me by Richard Grey (South Africa)/The Cube Guys (Italy)
  12. Dance 4 Me by Patrick M (Argentina)
  13. Drum Beats Go Like This by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Lissat (Germany)
  14. Bang Bang by Jaded (London)
  15. Don’t You by Matt Guy (UK)/C.O.Z. (UK) feat Faber
  16. Feel It In The Air by My Digital Enemy (UK)/Jason Chance (UK)
  17. Red Man Rising by Futuristic Polar Bears (London)/Danny Howard (UK)
  18. El Mariachi by DCP & Fellous (France)

Thank you for listening!

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