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June 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

“It’s an all-night party…in a little over an hour.” – DJ MIDIMACK

June 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 (Ep 129) Playlist:

  2. Funky Music by Jonk & Spook (Italy)/Simioli (Italy)
  3. Back In 1995 by Andrey Exx (Russia)
  4. I Get One Thing by Micfreak (USA)
  5. Jake Blues by Alexander Som (Spain)/KPD (Spain)
  6. Alegria by Sllash & Doppe (Romania)
  7. Aguella by Sllash & Doppe (Romania)
  8. Need Love by Sweetpower (Hungary)/Dirtydisco (Spain)
  9. Something Funky by Lupe Fuentes (Spain)/Level Groove (Spain)
  10. Disco Nugget by Peter Brown (Spain)/Johan S (Sweden)
  11. Dance! by Pepe Le Punk (?)
  12. Jack The Acid Sound by Ivan Kay (Italy)
  13. Funk Ya by DJ Wady (USA)/Rio Dela Duna (France)
  14. Miami Disco Dub by Mark Funk (Serbia)
  15. Body Drop by Brothinlaw (Italy)/Back & EM PI (Italy)
  16. Hot by aspen bizarre disco (Germany)

Thank YOU for listening!

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