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July 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 3

“Your weekly dose of Funky House Music from Around the World.” – DJ MIDIMACK

July 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 3 (Ep #187) Playlist:

  1. Yo Soy Latino! (Vamos A Bailar!) by C+C Music Factory pres. Latinos Del Mundo (USA)
  2. Believe Yah Future by Mirko & Meex (Serbia)
  3. Don’t You Leave Me by Husky (Australia)
  4. Dances with Wolves by CASSIMM (London)
  5. Wanna Be by Hako (UK)
  6. Party In Brooklyn by Luca Bisori (Italy)
  7. Not Today by D’Vision (Poland)/Andrey Exx (Russia)
  8. Strings of Life by Sean Finn (Germany)/No Hopes (Russia)
  9. MY HOUSE (MIDI’s Club Dub Mix) by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)
  10. Crazy Circus by Matthias Tanzmann (Germany)
  11. Raise Your Hands by Lenny Fontana (USA)/D-Train (USA)
  12. Everybody by Kenny Bizzaro (Italy)
  13. My Baby by MrGabryDj (Italy)
  14. Dance Like Children by Andrea Marchesini (Italy)
  15. Soulsedan by The Cube Guys (Italy)
  16. Still Love You by Austins Groove (Australia)
  17. My People by Dwayne Jensen (USA)
  18. Believe by Ministers De La Funk (USA)/Jocelyn Brown (USA)
  19. Sexy Thing by Hotswing (Italy)
  20. Get My Lovin by Paul Gardner (London) feat. Marcella Woods

Thank you for listening!

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