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July 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

“Your weekly dose of Funky House Music from Around the World.” – DJ MIDIMACK

July 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 (Ep #186) Playlist:

  1. Chic by Niki Muxx (Italy)
  2. Tell Me by DAN:ROS (San Marino)
  3. A Fifth Of Disco by DJ Mark Brickman (USA)
  4. Fella’s Think by DJ DAN (USA)/Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Paul Parsons (London)
  5. Lay It Down by Da Funk Junkies (UK)
  6. Do You Dance by Man Without A Clue (The Netherlands)/Lee Wilson (USA)
  7. Bang The Drum by Wheels (UK)
  8. Ojal√° by Massive Project (Italy)/Frank-lo (Italy)/Yvvan Back (Italy)
  9. Family Affair by Moreno Pezzolato (Italy) feat. Octahvia
  10. Devotion by The Deepshakerz (Italy)/DJ Rae (London)
  11. The Music’s Got Me High by Soul Avengerz (London)
  12. Just A Groove by Man Without A Clue (The Netherlands)
  13. What About by Crazibiza (USA/Hungary)/Cheesecake Boys (?)
  14. Born To Funk by Mark Jokey (?)
  15. Friday Night by Alexander Som (Spain)
  16. Got Ya by Aspen Bizarre Disco (Germany)
  17. Finally by Alex Nevil (France)/Jerem Maniaco (France)
  18. Disco Smash by Mr Jay (UK)
  19. Trust The Process by Dombresky (France/USA)
  20. Turn Around by David Harris (?)

Thank you for listening!

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