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Jul 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 5

“It’s an all-night party…in a little over an hour.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Jul 2020 Funky House Mix Pt . 5 (Ep 137) Playlist:

  1. Beautiful Color by Andre Rizo (Bucharest)/Kataa (Romania)
  2. Change by Robbie Rivera (USA)/Georgia Train (UK)
  3. The Light by Qubiko (Italy)
  4. Get Down by Mirko & Meex (Serbia)
  5. Make You Feel by Simon Adams (Italy)/Max Millan (Italy)
  6. Bombin’ by Freiboitar (Germany)
  7. Aereobeat by Miqro (Poland)
  8. Inspiration by Dave Alyan (France)
  9. Yeahhh by Crazibiza (Hungary)
  10. Love. Hope. Happiness by Luke Solomon (UK)/Queen Rose (?) feat. Amy Douglas
  11. This Is House by John Julius Knight (USA)/Roland Clark (Chicago)
  12. I Got That by KPD (Spain)/Man Without A Clue (The Netherlands)
  13. Sloppin’ Beats by Luca Debonaire (The Netherlands)
  14. Call Your Name by Born To Funk (The Netherlands)
  15. Let’s Talk About It by Kormak (Australia)
  16. Tom Asunder by DJ Mes (USA)
  17. In The Music by Deep Swing (Germany)

Thank you for listening!

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