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Jan 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

“It’s an all-night party…in a little over an hour.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Jan 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 (Ep 160) Playlist:

  1. Sleep Talk by ATFC (Spain)
  2. Paradise by Jasper Street Co. (USA)
  3. I Can’t Be You by Babert (Italy)
  4. Soul Thing by Peter Brown (Spain)
  5. Watson Can Jack by Adri Block (The Netherlands)/Marc Mosca (Germany)
  6. Party! by Jonk & Spook (Italy)
  7. I AM by Sordid Soundz (London)/IDA fLO (USA)
  8. Why Did You Do It by Dirtydisco (Hungary)
  9. Back Where I Belong by Da Funk Junkies (UK)/Maurizio Basilotta (Italy)
  10. Move Your Body (Feel This) by T. Markakis (Germany)
  11. Understand The Loops by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  12. Everybody Dancin’ by Odyssey Inc. (?)/Tom Caruso (Northern Ireland)
  13. Your Love by Mercer (France)
  14. Desire by Eli Brown (UK)
  15. All Night by A.S.R (Malaysia)/Redux Saints (USA)
  16. Good For Critics by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  17. Moving by Eli Brown (UK)/Love Regenerator (?)
  18. Sweet Music by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Paul Parsons (London)

Thank you for listening!

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