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Feb 2019 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

(Ep. 82) “It’s a 1 hour non-stop musical journey into Funky, Innovative, Energizing and Uplifting House Music from Around the World.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Feb 2019 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 Playlist:

  1. White Horse by Danism (UK)/Train (UK)/DJ Rae (London)
  2. Encore by Purple Disco Machine (Germany) feat. Baxter
  3. Why Don’t by David Penn (Spain)/KPD (Spain)
  4. Go Bumrush The Sound by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  5. Halloween by Disco Incorporated (?)
  6. Can’t Help The Way That I Feel by Sneaky Sound System (Australia)
  7. Hurt Me No More by Malone (Miami, USA)/Redondo (The Netherlands/USA)
  8. I Got A Feeling by Milk & Sugar (Germany)
  9. Saturday Love by The Fabulous Joker (NYC, USA)/The Space Knights (?)
  10. Retour by Erik Bo (France)
  11. Delta House Blues by Kevin McKay (London)/Unorthodox (London)
  12. Shack Up by Gary Caos (Italy)/Lion Pink (Italy)
  13. Give You Some by Davide Ranno (Italy)
  14. Don’t Do It by The Cube Guys (Italy)/Pedemontanas (Italy)
  15. Deeper by Stefano Sorge (Italy)

Thank You for Listening!

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