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Ep 251 THE MIX BAG PODCAST Playlist:

  1. This Is Wild by David Keno (Germany)/Lars Moston (Germany)/Murmur Tooth (New Zealand)
  2. Starlightway by Josh Butler (UK)/Flashmob (Italy)
  3. Reachin Out by David Penn (Spain) feat. Bemendé
  4. Get Down Tonight by Beating Cells (London) feat. Keith Lawrence/Unicorn Breading Ground
  5. Another Night by Joey Youngman (US)
  6. Take Me Up Turntables Night Fever (?)
  7. Touch It by George Mensah (London)/Rozegarden (US)/Twinflame (US)
  8. Come Come by Tube & Berger (Germany)/Vintage Culture (Brazil)/Kyle Pearce (Germany)
  9. Rejoice by Andrew Meller (Serbia)
  10. Mantra by Karlos Kastillo (Mexico)/DJ Crown (Mexico)
  11. Fine Fine Baby by Jamie Jones (London)/Kah-lo (US)
  12. Deliver You by Saison (Germany)
  13. Feel The Funk Yo by Doche (Brazil)
  14. Love Is No Game by HP Vince (The Netherlands)
  15. Satisfy The Need by Saison (Germany)
  16. We Kept Dancing by Samuele Sartini (Italy)/DJ Roland Clark (US) feat. Jonk & Spook
  17. All Night by House of Prayers (?)/Maxim & Matte (?)
  18. Dance To The Music by Tony Romera (France)/Low Steppa (UK)
  19. A Part Of by Larse (Germany)
  20. Satisfied by David Penn (Spain)/OFFAIAH (US)
  21. Buscando Money by Tayson Kryss (Cuba/Spain)/TWENTY SIX (Italy)
  22. Welcome To Paris by Maex (Germany/Indonesia)/Point85 (Indonesia)
  23. I Love It by Dubdogz (Brazil)/DLMT (US)
  24. ININNA TORA by Dubdogz (Brazil)/Jude & Frank (Italy)
  25. Kralle by Junk24 (?)
  26. All For You by Jaded (London)/Dombresky (France/US)
  27. Tarantula by Pleasurekraft (?)
  28. The Dance by Carly Wilford (London)
  29. FEEL THE MUSIC by Jamback (Holland)
  30. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe by Liquid Rose (US)/Track (Uzbekistan)
  31. Straight From The Undergound by Lone Dog (France)
  32. Give It To Me by Marco Lys (Italy)/Ben Miller (Australia)
  33. Blue Berries by Sem Jacobs (The Netherlands)/Tagmann (The Netherlands)
  34. The Reason by Zsak (Hungary)
  35. Can’t Get It Outta My Head by Zach Witness (London)
  36. Who’s That Girl by Afterman (Italy)/Yvvan Back (Italy)
  37. Pakit Ban by Freenzy Music (Brazil)/Marian (Brazil)
  38. Control It by Martin Ikin (London)/Winnie Ama (London)
  39. Mercy by Joshwa (UK)

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