“Do you need a non-stop music mix to get you through your day, week, workout, or commute? Do you enjoy listening to House Music from Around the World? Do you appreciate a variety of musical styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy!” – DJ MIDIMACK

Ep 250 THE MIX BAG PODCAST Playlist:

  1. Day by Day by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)
  2. Sun Rising Up by Deux (Spain) feat. Rebeka Brown
  3. DONDE ESTA by YOURS (?)
  4. Move That Body by Danny Tenaglia (USA)/Cevin Fisher (USA)
  5. I Love You So by Sugar Hill (Brazil)
  6. Can You Fix by Funk Mediterraneo (Italy)
  7. Bullenrengue by Low Steppa (UK)/Crusy (Spain)
  8. What I Need by Mark Knight (London)/RETNA (UK)
  9. Got Some by Nausica (Italy)
  10. Da Phunky by Foo Funkers (Italy)
  11. Costa by SG Lewis (London)/ChloƩ Caillet (USA)
  12. The Jam Is Stompin’ by Marc Rousso (USA)/Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  13. Turn Me Deeper by Mark Knight (London)/Kathy Brown (USA)/James Hurr (UK)/Wh0 (UK)
  14. In & Out My Life by Adeva (USA)/Kurd Maverick (Germany)
  15. High by Daniel Steinberg (Germany)
  16. Summer In New York by Sofi Tukker (USA)
  17. Ecstasy by Dubbel Drop (Australia)
  18. All Right by CASSIMM (London)
  19. Turn Off The Lights by Zsak (Hungary)
  20. Freak by CASSIMM (London)
  21. Dancin by Babes on the Run (USA)
  22. Let The Fog Clear by Luca Bisori (Italy)
  23. Hit It by Junior Sanchez (USA) feat. NEZ (Chicago)
  24. Low Rider by War (USA)
  25. Just Come by Cool Jack (?)
  26. Let Me Love You by Pinto (NYC)(USA)
  27. Guddi Riddim by DJ Snake (France)/Wade (Spain)/Nooran Sisters (India)
  28. Let This One Ride by Kelly Reverb (USA)/Chad LeMans (USA)
  29. Open Up by Kelly Reverb (USA)/Chad LeMans (USA)
  30. Se Pone Loca by Nausica (Italy)
  31. Liquid Samba by Harry Romero (USA)
  32. It’s What’s Upfront That Counts by Yosh (?)




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