Do you need a non-stop music mix to get you through your day, week, workout, or commute? Do you enjoy listening to House Music from Around the World? Do you appreciate a variety of musical styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy! – DJ MIDIMACK

Ep 249 THE MIX BAG PODCAST Playlist:

  1. Weak by Maverick Sabre (London)/Tom Breu (Germany)/Vintage Culture (Brazil)
  2. Superstition by Funk The Sound (UK)
  3. Down Disco Dancing by Turntables Night Fever (?)
  4. Mauritius by Jazz Mango (UK)
  5. It’s House Music by Lizzie Curious (UK)/Kry (Italy)
  6. It’s All Right by Promise Land (Italy)
  7. Once Upon A Groove by Luccio B (Poland)
  8. Jinga by Rubber People (Australia)
  9. Let Me Be Your Fantasy by Jason Weiss (?)
  10. E Samba by DJ Kone (Spain)/Marc Palacios (Spain)
  11. In & Out by TAI (Germany)/Son Of 8 (UK)
  12. Another Day by DAN:ROS (San Marino)
  13. We Give Thee Honor by Floorplan (USA)
  14. Who Got The Funk by Lizzie Curious (UK)/Da Funk Junkies (UK)
  15. Funky Crazy by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)
  16. Mercury Superstar by DJ Cucky (Italy)/Benny Di Gioia (Italy)
  17. Nightmoves by FDF (Italy)
  18. Pumping by KPD (Spain)
  19. Nsound by Fer BR (Spain)
  20. Jazzy Jack by JedX (USA)
  21. Hardly Breathe by Sweet Female Attitude (?)/Peverell (UK)
  22. Hands by OFFAIAH (USA)
  23. RIZZ by AYYBO (USA)
  24. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap (London)
  25. Mwaki by Tiesto (The Netherlands)/Zerb (Brazil) feat. Sofiya Nzau
  26. Vanilla by Mat.Joe (Germany)
  27. Moving All Around by Schak (UK)/Kim English (USA)
  28. Rhythm Machine by Max Styler (USA)/Westend (USA)
  29. Miracle Maker by Dom Dolla (Australia) feat. Clementine Douglas
  30. Together by DJ PP (Uruguay)
  31. Miracles by Joshwa (UK)



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