“Do you need a non-stop music to get you through your day, week, workout, or commute? Do you enjoy listening to House Music from Around the World? Do you appreciate a variety of musical styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy!” – DJ MIDIMACK


  1. Heat (African Day) by Milk & Sugar (Germany)/Nomfusi (South Africa)(Ep 001)
  2. Funky Train by Paul Parsons (London)/Luca Debonaire (The Netherlands)(Ep 240)
  3. God Made Me Feel It by MD X-Press (USA)/Simion (Germany)(Ep 243)
  4. The One That Got Away by The Shapeshifters (UK) feat. Obi Franky (Ep 239)
  5. Oh Me!? by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)(Ep 242)
  6. Come On Girl by Funkatomic/Claudio Caccini (Italy)(Ep 086)
  7. Everything Everyway by Foo Funkers (Italy)(Ep 089)
  8. Troubled Heart by AlexZ (The Netherlands)(Ep 086)
  9. Give It Up by Buried King (Australia)(Ep 081)
  10. How I Feel by Steve Taylor (UK)/Ozzy & Stix (UK)(Ep 086)
  11. Like It Like That by Da Funk Junkies (UK)(Ep 244)
  12. My Feelings Can’t Explain by Mattei & Omich (Italy)/Fatimah Provillon (USA/Italy)(Ep 243)
  13. Beach by Sebb Junior (France/Spain)(Ep 241)
  14. This Groove by Oliver Heldens (The Netherlands)/Lenno (Finland)(Ep 092)
  15. Larry’s Way by Mark Lower (France)(Ep 242)
  16. Giant by Calvin Harris (Scotland)/Rag’N’Bone Man (UK)(Ep 085)
  17. Dum Dum by David Penn (Spain)(Ep 238)
  18. Crazy by Ministry of Funk (Uruguay)(Ep 241)
  19. Somebody by White Ocean (Korea)(Ep 245)
  20. DROP IT! by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 129)
  21. Boogie No More by Madrid De Los Austrias (?)/Dorfmeister (Switzerland)(Ep 240)
  22. Piano Roller by Chris Bowers (UK)(Ep 243)
  23. Piano Pump by Superlover (Germany)(Ep 239)
  24. Southside by Housego (Scotland)(Ep 240)
  25. Got Me Burnin’ Up With Ya by Luca Debonaire (The Netherlands)(Ep 241)
  26. I See Your Lies by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 221)
  27. Can U See (I’m So In Love) by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 149)
  28. Music Pumping by Rio Dela Duna (France)/Duo 2 (?)/Jeremy Bass (Mexico) feat. Soraya Vivian (Ep 087)
  29. Es Un Secreto by BLOND:ISH (Canada/London)/Dalex (USA/Puerto Rico)/Hugel (France) feat. Pension & Juanmih (Ep 239)
  30. Tra Tra by BLOND:ISH (Canada/London)/Nfasis (Dominican Republic)/Hugel (France)(Ep 241)
  31. Back To The Old School by Groovetonic/Olivian DJ (Romania/Italy)(Ep 093)
  32. Passion by Gat Decor (?)(Ep 240)
  33. Look What You Do To Me by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 195)
  34. Something Special (Gimme Gimme) by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 238)
  35. My Game by Super Drug (Croatia)(Ep 089)
  36. Can You Release by Per QX (Sweden)/Danny Rhys (UK)/Suki Soul (UK)(Ep 242)
  37. Tensions Rising High by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 163)
  38. I GET by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 159)
  39. Another Way by Turntables Night Fever (?)(Ep 244)
  40. Rich What I Got To Be by Henry Navarro (USA)(Ep 245)
  41. Body Funk by Purple Disco Machine (Germany)(Ep 090)
  42. To The Music by Aternity (USA)(Ep 243)
  43. Music by Orson Welsh (The Netherlands)/Jules Little (Czech Republic)(Ep 004)
  44. MY HOUSE by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 181)
  45. THE FLOW by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 152)
  46. This Is America by Childish Gambino (USA)(Ep 085)
  47. Loco by Rick Silva (Mexico)(Ep 241)
  48. Piece Of Your Heart by Goodboys (UK)/James Hype (UK)/Meduza (Italy)(Ep 092)
  49. Fever by David Penn (Spain)/KPD (Spain)(Ep 244)
  50. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Mark Knight (London)/James Hurr (UK)(Ep 242)
  51. Never Knew by DJ MIDIMACK (USA)(Ep 244)
  52. Double Pleasure by Discoplex (Italy)/Corrado Alunni (Italy)(Ep 241)
  53. Make Luv by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)(Ep 080)
  54. In The Music by Eugenio Fico (Italy)(Ep 244)
  55. Don’t Do It by The Cube Guys (Italy)/Pedemontanas (?)(Ep 082)
  56. Queen of the Disco by DJ PP (Uruguay)(Ep 003)
  57. Cosmic Witch by Louie Vega (USA) feat. Anané (Ep 240)
  58. Prende La Vela by Gabry Venus (Italy)(Ep 032)
  60. Verao by Jeremy Bass (Mexico)/Rio Dela Duna (France)/Dudu Capoeira (The Netherlands)/Ella Z (?)(Ep 087)
  61. Brazil by Ministry of Funk (Uruguay)(Ep 239)
  62. Spiritual Thing by Majkol Jay (Italy)(Ep 243)
  63. Chase This by Mr. Jay (UK)(Ep 244)
  64. Delirio by KEFFI (Scotland)/Loz Seka (UK)/HARRT (UK) feat. Altere/Alex Lauthals (Ep 243)
  65. Rapture by Paluma (Australia)(Ep 222)
  66. Give Reason by DJ PP (Uruguay)/Warhol77 (?)(Ep 239)
  67. Most Precious Love by Blaze (USA)/Barbara Tucker (USA)/UDAUFL (USA)(Ep 238)
  68. The Walk To Church by Roland Clark (USA)/Jack Back (France)/Wh0 (UK)(Ep 243)
  69. Breakfast Club by James Burton (UK)(Ep 240)
  70. I Want You by Skytech (Poland)/Neitan (Poland)/DJ Kuba (Poland)(Ep 239)
  71. House Affair by CASSIMM (London)/Bruno Blanc (?)(Ep 243)
  72. Hand In Hand by Dexter Troy (Switzerland)(Ep 245)
  73. Work It by Hotswing (Italy)(Ep 239)
  74. Seduction by Brokenears (Italy)(Ep 245)



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