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Dec 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

“It’s an all-night party…in a little over an hour.” – DJ MIDIMACK

Dec 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 (Ep 156) Playlist:

  1. Jumping by Leandro Da Silva (Italy)/Soultight (Russia)
  2. Music by Lissat (Germany)/Paul Jockey (Italy)
  3. Burn by Alex Kenji (Italy)/Samuele Sartini (Italy)
  4. Gypsy by Woman by Maurizio Basilotta (Italy)/DiscoVer. (Russia)
  5. Let’s Funk Tonite by Jackin’ Social Club (?)
  6. My Time by Mirko & Meex (Serbia)
  7. Party Like It’s 1989 by DJ Dan (USA)/Marc Rousso (USA)
  8. Nobodys Song by Ivan Gomez (Spain)/Nacho Chapado (Spain)/PKDO (?)
  9. Orikito by Kristof Tigran (France)
  10. Avenue Electric by ANTOINE.NL (?) feat. Orson Welsh
  11. Body Shaker by No Hopes (Russia)/Pushkarev (Russia)
  12. Party by MistaJam (UK) feat. Anelisa Lamola
  13. Suga by Technasia (France)/Green Velvet (USA)
  14. Oud 6 by Cesare Caccia (Italy)
  15. Pumpin by Danny Howard (UK)
  16. S.O.S. To You by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  17. Mystery Funky by Ivan Gomez (Spain)/Nacho Chapado (Spain) feat. Smaz/Lou Mullen
  18. Fever by Route 94 (London) feat. Eda Eren

Thank you for listening!

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