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Dec 2016 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

(Ep. 8) “It’s a weekly 1 hour non-stop musical journey into Funky, Innovative, Energizing and Uplifting House Music from Around the World” – DJ MIDIMACK


Dec 2016 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 Playlist (Ep. 8):

01. Pump The Bass by Mr. V (NYC/USA)/Styline (NYC/USA)

02. A Blade Will Cut You by Gingee/Jeff the Jacker/Joey Avila

03. Round One by David Del Olmo/Two Yupa

04. Goin’ Down by DJ Dan (USA)/DJ Mes (USA)

05. Fool Love by 2Spindeman

06. Umana by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)

07. Let Me Hear Ya Say Yeah by C-Fast/Leandro Da Silva

08. Slave 2 Disco by Mark Funk (Serbia)

09. Temptation by DragonFly/Styline

10. Flatiron by Jude & Frank (Italy)

11. Love You by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)

12. Funky Madness by Danny Crua

13. The Perfect Vibe by Charlie Roennez

14. Most Precious Love by Barbara Tucker (USA)/Blaze


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