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Nov 2016 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

(Ep. 6) “It’s a weekly 1 hour non-stop musical journey into Funky, Innovative, Energizing and Uplifting House Music from Around the World” – DJ MIDIMACK


Nov 2016 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 Playlist (Ep. 6):

01. What You Want by Vince Melo

02. Can’t Resist by AlexZ

03. Space by Leandro Da Silva/Luca Debonaire (Netherlands)

04. Feel That by Mark Funk (Serbia)

05. Alone by Techhouzer/Olivian DJ/Groovetonic

06. Romance by Jaques Le Noir

07. Kalaka by Chris Geka/Tecca

08. Extremely Upset by Matan Caspi/Angelo Ferreri (Italy)

09. Babarabatiri by Alex Guesta

10. We Hurt Each Other by Mathew Anderson

11. Get This by Marcel/Ivan Kay

12. I Want Your Body by Topa

13. Boogie by Dirty Guru

14. A Lil Higher by Serial Thrilla


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